Digitronic Autogas at the International GasShow 2017! - Digitronic Autogas
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Between April 7th and 8th, Digitronic Autogas participated in the next edition of the GasShow & Autoservice Expo. At this international event, our company once again presented offer consisting of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The fair was also a meeting place with Digitronic Autogas partners such as Tomasetto Achille, AEB, Czaja and Fagumit.

The result of the fair was numerous meetings with distributors and installers of auto-gase systems, not only from European countries, but also those more distant like Thailand or Peru. Warsaw GasShow was also a great opportunity to meet with manufacturers and suppliers of the best available components, which Digitronic Autogas is appreciating so much. Thanks to the conversations and the exchange of needs and expectations resulting from the specificity of the markets, it was possible to prolong and tighten the partnership relations.

– “This year’s fair opened up for Digitronic Autogas new horizons for cooperation. We want to keep up to date with the innovative solutions of the auto-gas market and we are open to new interesting projects. Our experience has taught us that the consistent commitment to values ​​such as safety and economy pay off. This makes so many trust Digitronic Autogas brand and we are proud of it,” – Says Director Digitronic Autogas, Julia Furmanek.

In every industry it is important to conduct a conscientious and healthy competition. It is very often a guarantee for the safety of the final consumer. One of this year’s exhibitors, however, allowed himself to be dishonest practitioner, He copied solutions from other manufacturers. Unfortunately, the use of this type of “experiment” is very dangerous as the products are not tested and do not have the necessary approvals.

“We will never tolerate this kind of practice. The safety of drivers and their passengers is always priority. Therefore all gas installations should only be selected from trusted suppliers that have all the necessary approvals. Due to the increasingly common practice of copying solutions, we encourage all Digitronic Autogas users to contact us to verify the originality of the components, “adds Julia Furmanek.

GasShow is a meeting point for both the auto-gas market leaders in Europe and the world as well as its enthusiasts. Talks with competitors, partners, installers and other people interested in the industry, like every year, were conducted in a warm atmosphere. We expect that next year it will stay the same.

Thank all of you for coming and we already invite you next year. We will definitely not miss it.